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Open Up Your Mind to Receive

Posted by themoneypoems on February 28, 2011

“Today I am receptive to higher thoughts and I demonstrate greater good.” ~ http://www.ourabundantlife.com (Dr. Lloyd Tupper and Francine Huss)

I am so thankful for my friends at Our Abundant Life for this beautiful affirmation. Everyday they offer the most amazing quotes that create abundant living. Often, I will visit my inbox each morning to discover a “Daily Affirmation” that inspires or touches me deeply.

I appreciate your support of my blog, “A Poem A Day Brings Money My Way!” And, I thank you for telling your network of friends about it. Today, I am going to ask that you tell your friends about http://www.ourabundantlife.com. Their message is consistently uplifting and encouraging and I think the “Daily Affirmation” they offer is simply wonderful.

Prosperously yours,
Denise Allen


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Overcoming Financial Challenges & Personal Setbacks

Posted by themoneypoems on February 23, 2011

Perhaps you have been given a financial diagnosis that paints a grim picture for your future. Or, maybe you’ve suffered a major setback in your career and now it appears nothing will pull you out of this abyss. The Truth you must remember regardless of the condition you face is: There are no impossibilities; there are no incurables; there are no unattainables. Right now, you have the inner strength to handle whatever has appeared.

Inner strength is your inheritance as a human being. None of us is gifted with more or less strength than another person. Each of us has just what he/she needs to meet the challenges that sit before him/her.

So, calm yourself. Relax. Breathe deeply. Relax again. Close your eyes. Still your emotions. Worry, fear and self-doubt scatter your inner strength. Quieting your emotions conserves your inner strength and allows it to build up quickly. Remind yourself that there are no impossibilities; there are no incurables; there are no unattainables. You can handle whatever lies before you.


Suggested Spiritual Treatment for Wealth: There are no impossibilities; there are no incurables; there are no unattainables. I can handle whatever challenges I currently face!

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Passion vs. Aggression

Posted by themoneypoems on February 9, 2011

Passion and aggression are not the same. People who blaze trails in a particular field are called “rainmakers” – the idea being that they have some special dispensation to deliver extraordinary results upon command and especially under pressure. We assume it is their aggression that produces the consistent results we see. But, the discerning eye reveals that what appears to be aggression is actually passion – or a deep, abiding love for their craft. Aggression seeks to force a thing into being; that type of creation cannot last. But, passion loves a thing into being; that type of creation stands forever.

Take a moment to reflect on your dreams. What is your approach toward your deepest desires? Are you attempting to force them into being? Or, are you loving them into existence? There is a difference. That which you love into existence has unshakable staying power.

Spiritual Treatment: I inject everything I do with a spirit of passion and love.

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Spiritual Treatment: Works Like an Antibiotic

Posted by themoneypoems on February 9, 2011

The word treatment is a perfect word because spiritual treatments work like an antibiotic. Just as you have medicine for the physical body, there is medicine for the mental body (or the mind). And, that medicine is the spiritual treatment.

You use spiritual treatment in the same way that you use antibiotics. When an infection first occurs, you begin taking an antibiotic. As the infection retreats, you continue taking the antibiotic. Any doctor will tell you that you should continue taking the antibiotic even after the physical symptoms of an infection have disappeared. In other words, you must finish your course of antibiotics even if the physical symptoms have disappeared. And the reasoning: you want to prevent a recurrence. 

The same principle applies to the use of a spiritual treatment. If you are treating for financial lack, you do not stop the treatment once the outward signs of financial lack have disappeared. Instead, you continue the spiritual treatment until it roots itself in your mind. The time it takes for a spiritual treatment to root itself within your mind varies from person to person. In general, your spiritual treatment has run its course when it ceases to evoke an emotional response from you.

Most doctors will give you a set of conditions or rules for taking your antibiotic: three times a day with food or drink a full glass of water after taking the pill or do not take after 9:00pm. You want to be just as regimented when applying your spiritual treatment. 1) Choose a time and space that you can commit to on a daily basis, and during which you will not be interrupted. I prefer to apply my spiritual treatment when I first wake up and before I go to sleep. 2) Be disciplined in your approach. If you are likely to forget to apply your mental medicine, develop reminders for yourself that you will adhere to. 3) Make no excuses. Only you can apply this mental medicine to your mind. No one else can do it for.

A colleague once taught me the valuable lesson of creating non-negotiables in my life. One morning, I was hiking down a hill when I bumped into her running up the same hill. She was many years older than I am. So, I was amazed that she was running uphill, while I was huffing and puffing walking downhill. I asked her how she did it. She told me that running for her was a non-negotiable. Before she did anything in her day, she put on her running shoes and workout clothes and she headed for the mountain that we were on that day. Exercising for her was just like brushing her teeth – it was a non-negotiable. She’d never think of leaving the house without brushing her teeth and she’d never think of starting her day without doing her run uphill.

I walked away from that experience changed. Now, when I want to do a thing in my life, I turn it into a non-negotiable. I encourage you to make spiritual treatments a non-negotiable in your life. You have virtual treasure in your mind. Spiritual treatments can unlock that treasure for you.

Go ahead. Give it shot and hit me back to let me know how it worked for you.

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Spiritual Treatment: What Is It?

Posted by themoneypoems on February 8, 2011

A spiritual treatment is a prayer of faith and understanding for healing, harmony, wisdom, prosperity, or any other good that you desire. The object of any treatment is to lift the thinking and feeling of the person being treated to a high spiritual consciousness through which healing is accomplished.

You can treat yourself. Spiritual treatments do not require a third party. You can take a set of affirmations (short, pithy statements of power) and verbally or silently repeat them over and over again to yourself, allowing this new thought to penetrate your consciousness.

There are countless spiritual treatments available. You may select a passage from some sacred Scripture or you may write out a few affirmations of your own. You know that you have a good spiritual treatment because it evokes an emotional response from you. The words make you feel something. If you find a particularly clever or well written spiritual treatment but it fails to make you feel something, then you would do well to discard it and find another one that is more potent.

A simple treatment for prosperity that I use often is:

Money is God’s Idea of circulation.

This idea I accept.

This idea I now accept.

This idea I now accept as the basis of all my financial affairs.

I like money.

I believe that it is God’s Activity; that it is good.

I use it with wisdom.

I release it with joy.

I send it forth without fear.

For I know that under a Divine Law, it comes back to me increased and multiplied.

Have you used spiritual treatments before? I’d like to hear from you about your experience with them. In the next entry, I’ll share some techniques for using them effectively. 

Prosperously yours,

Denise Allen

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Affirmations 101: Focus On Thinking

Posted by themoneypoems on March 22, 2010

Affirmations and denials DO NOT change conditions; they change your thoughts about conditions.

Focus on Your Thinking

If you have a new product to launch, but your product has not yet found its audience. What you say – good or bad – about your lack of sales does not change the fact that you do not have sales. You may affirm, “I have plenty of sales! I have more sales than I can imagine possible! Everyone wants to purchase my product now!” Or you may openly express your frustration: “No one is paying attention to my efforts. I will never get this product adopted by a big enough market to earn me any money.”

Neither of these statements changes the fact that you do not have sales. But, these statements DO influence what you think about your lack of sales. And what you think about your lack of sales determines the ultimate outcome. Your words – positive or negative – DO NOT change your experience; rather, they change what you think about your experience.

This distinction in the application of affirmations and denials may seem nitpicky but understanding the mechanics of how change happens is key to living and creating deliberately.

Our lives unfold from the inside out. The words you speak change your life only to the degree that those words influence your thinking. Positive words spoken to a negative condition only work when there is a corresponding change in your mind.

No change in mind = No change in experience

Nearly everyone can site one experience wherein they made an affirmation and immediately saw a result. But the permanency of that result depended upon whether the underlying thinking was adjusted. Our affirmations and denials produce temporary results when we merely work it on the outside, rather than where it really counts on the inside.

A change in mind = A change in thinking

Thoughts are things and they occupy “space” in the mind. When properly applied, affirmations and denials remove old, weak, inefficient thoughts and replace them with new and better thoughts. A mental house cleaning is even more necessary than a physical one, for the outer is always a reflection of the inner.

The most important element to grasp about affirmations and denials is that, first and foremost, they are mental processes. Because our lives are so outwardly oriented, our first instinct is to focus upon outer behavior. We develop rules – “if you speak your affirmations for 21 days, you create a new habit.” When that does not work, we say, “well, what you really needed to do was speak it 21 times per day for 21 days.” Someone else will come along and say, “No, you have to write and speak them 21 times per day for 21 days.” Yet another will say, “21 is not enough, you need 40 days because 40 is the number of spiritual completion.” And, so it goes.

It matters not whether you speak them, hum them, sing them or dance them. Words spoken without the corresponding mental attitude produce no results. Outward behavior is always secondary to inner thinking. Adjust your mental attitude first.

A change in thinking = A change in experience

Now, it is your turn. Can you see a usefulness to focusing your affirmations and denials on your thinking rather than on your outward experience? Do you think this adjustment will make the difference in how you are using affirmations and denials? What other distinctions have you observed that make the difference between affirmations and denials that work and those that do not work?

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