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Spiritual Treatment: What Is It?

Posted by themoneypoems on February 8, 2011

A spiritual treatment is a prayer of faith and understanding for healing, harmony, wisdom, prosperity, or any other good that you desire. The object of any treatment is to lift the thinking and feeling of the person being treated to a high spiritual consciousness through which healing is accomplished.

You can treat yourself. Spiritual treatments do not require a third party. You can take a set of affirmations (short, pithy statements of power) and verbally or silently repeat them over and over again to yourself, allowing this new thought to penetrate your consciousness.

There are countless spiritual treatments available. You may select a passage from some sacred Scripture or you may write out a few affirmations of your own. You know that you have a good spiritual treatment because it evokes an emotional response from you. The words make you feel something. If you find a particularly clever or well written spiritual treatment but it fails to make you feel something, then you would do well to discard it and find another one that is more potent.

A simple treatment for prosperity that I use often is:

Money is God’s Idea of circulation.

This idea I accept.

This idea I now accept.

This idea I now accept as the basis of all my financial affairs.

I like money.

I believe that it is God’s Activity; that it is good.

I use it with wisdom.

I release it with joy.

I send it forth without fear.

For I know that under a Divine Law, it comes back to me increased and multiplied.

Have you used spiritual treatments before? I’d like to hear from you about your experience with them. In the next entry, I’ll share some techniques for using them effectively. 

Prosperously yours,

Denise Allen


3 Responses to “Spiritual Treatment: What Is It?”

  1. Beverly said

    I will try it.
    Thank you,
    Beverly G

  2. Sharon said

    Interested in learning more.

  3. Anne said

    Totally resonates with me.

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